‘Love Unplugged’ Workshop - Nashville

‘Love Unplugged’ Workshop — Nashville

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Local holistic practitioner, Dr. Michelle Mollard, facilitates a “Love Unplugged” 5-hour workshop on Saturday, January 5, 2013, from 9am until 2pm at Country Way Condo Clubhouse, 5600 Country Drive, Nashville, TN, 37211. The workshop fee is $144 and is open to the general public (adults only). Tickets are available at http://loveunpluggedtheworkshop.eventbrite.com/ and pre-registration is required. The workshop involves interactive processes, group activities and a group heart-centered breathing session. This workshop is ideal for singles, couples, parents and work groups who will leave with real, practical and easy-to-apply tools.

This workshop is a sacred space in which participants will be able to see, understand and practice how to be love and how to come from love no matter what the situation or circumstance. Relating to each other in whatever context really can be easy once we understand the deeper dynamics and how what we’re doing and being affects everything. Attendees learn how subtle shifts can create deep peace and lasting change in all of your relationships.

Dr. Michelle Mollard asks, "What would love do? Attendees will participate in a powerful breathing session, gain tools for healthier relationships, will learn how to clear old patterns around love and reduce heart-centered stress.”


Nashville native, Dr. Michelle Mollard, is a graduate of Volunteer State Community College and Life Chiropractic College. She spent the last 13 yrs in Atlanta as a Chiropractor, workshop presenter, Girls on the Run Coach and President of the Board of Girls on the Run-Forsyth. Her time in Atlanta led her to the life-transforming experience of Breathwork. Because the results were so amazing in her own life, Dr. Mollard decided to shift her focus from Chiropractic care to Breathwork education. She knows clinically how vital our ability is to breathe easily and knows personally how vital it is to experience unconditional love in our entire bodies. Now residing back in Nashville, she combines her clinical knowledge, her personal experience and her intense love of lifting others up in her practice of Breathwork and “Love Unplugged” workshops. Visit www.DiscoverBreathwork.com for more information on Dr. Michelle Mollard.

  • Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • 5600 Country Drive, Nashville, TN, 37211
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